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That Darn Computer .net

That Darn Computer .netThis is the 2nd part of me shutting down my tech blog. I moved off the web design and left the web host on the .net page. I also did some re-design and added some new features to this page. I think this improvement will make a difference.

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That Darn Computer .com

That Darn Computer .comI decided I no longer wanted to maintain a technology blog, there are so many other technology blogs that do a better job. I decided to move my web design service from the .net to the .com of That Darn Computer. I made some alterations to this page and improved the website. I think I will be able to do more with this site.

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Bob Barkey Blog

Bob Barkey BlogFor 10 years I hosted my blog at, but decided I wanted more control over my own website and I wanted a personal domain name so I created Since this is a website I am paying for I am more likely to post more frequently. Check out the side to see what I have to say. I will change the background with the season. At the time of creation it was fall so this is the fall background.

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Riverside Christian Church

Riverside Christian ChurchIt was time for the Riverside Christian Church to be updated. I decided to switch from Joomla to Wordress. I took to the church several different templates and the one below is what they selected. With the new look are several new features. This website is a lot cleaner and is easier to maintain.


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